Sunday 2 February 2014

MIA & Recent Bride :)

Hellooo ladies! WOW :( I haven't blogged in ages! Although I'm back for good now :D
Hope you've been amazing.

I have been crazy busy this last year with making over some absolutely stunning brides!
So I thought I would kick off my new year of blogging by sharing some images of  one of my beautiful real brides :)

    This had to be one of my fave bridal makeovers from 2013, stunning Miriam.

Lovely Miriam wore a beautiful pink and champagne lengha gown, paired with bang on trend bridal jewellery.  I absolutely adored her head piece, for the makeup she asked for soft smokey pink eyes & glowing skin.

In keeping with her very elegant theme we decide on a lovely big vintage hair do.
Which really complemented her outfit & makeup.

Here is a closer view of the hair from the back :) 
I hope you all enjoyed seeing the real bridal makeover, I'm looking forward to sharing many more with you soon. Hope you all had a brilliant weekend Xxx 

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Youtube video!

Hey guys! Wishing u all very belated Happy New Year! 

I know I'm so late............... :( Its been a few weeks since I last posted.
I hope you all had an amazing time over the holidays :)

It's been quite hectic over that last few weeks with making over my lovely clients, and fitting in some sneaky shopping! Blog post will be coming soon on a few items I've hauled in the new year.

So this is just a quick post to share with you guys this smokey look I did last week.
I also filmed this look while I did it to make a quick video for Youtube. It's not perfect as I have no idea what to do when it comes to filming lol 
It took me absolutely ages to figure out how to edit and upload the video. I never knew that making even such a short video requires so much time, but it's worth it in the end. Hopefully now I have a bit of an idea of what to do, next time it will be better. 
For the next video I'm hoping to correct the lighting and have a better setup . 
Here is the video.........I hope you guys will watch it & tell me what you think :) This was just a test video, so next time I'm hoping to do a more in depth tutorial. If you guys have any ideas on looks you  think would be interesting to see, please let me know.
Here's a couple of pics from the shoot, I will be adding more on my FB page very soon.

Hope you like them :) Xxx


Tuesday 18 December 2012

Stargazer: Glitter Shakers

Now as its the festive season, we have the perfect excuse to bring out the glitter!
You can't deny that at Christmas everyone needs a little sparkle, and the perfect way to do it is by incorporating some into your eye makeup.

Glittery looks are becoming so popular at the moment and with many of my clients requesting a sparkly look for a night out or special occasion, I thought i would show you what i use to create the perfect glitter eye.

To add some stunning sparkle to any look I use these Glitter shaker pots by Stargazer.
They come in a range of different colours, you can use them on your body, hair & nails.
Below are a few colours from my kit, as you can see the glitter is very fine so its perfect for makeup.
I order mine from the Stargazer website, they cost around £3 each and each pot contains 5g of product.
You can check the out the whole range here
So what i do with these is start off by applying a base shadow matching the colour of the glitter I'm using. I apply it all over the lid and blend well up to the crease.
Once blended, I apply a thin coat of clear glitter eyeliner over the eyeshadow and the quickly taking a small flat brush pat the glitter over the top. Once dry i take a brush and dust of the excess glitter, then wipe the under-eye area to remove any fallout before i move on to the base.
You can also you lash glue to adhere the glitter with, and most people use that method.
I prefer to use a clear glitter eyeliner, for me its much more quicker and easier this way and it has the same results.

 (This one is also from Stargazer)

Here's a pic of me doing a look with the blue/Turquoise glitter shaker on a model backstage.
As you can see i have started on the eyes first, and i would always recommend doing so when using glitter. If you do your foundation first, your just going to end up with glitter all over your face and that's not the kind sparkle we want! ;)

You can see in the picture above the colour of the glitter is so pretty and how amazing it looks in the light.

So those are my thoughts on the Stargazer glitter shakers, what do you think of them? Xx

Thursday 13 December 2012

Shingar Patti/Matha Patti: My top picks

Hello beauts,

So after my post on my real bride makeover it got me thinking about Shingar Patti's.

A Shingar Patti is an Indian bridal headpiece worn traditionally by brides and this year they were everywhere! From the covers of most Asian bridal magazines to real life brides adorning them, we just couldn't get enough. 
So with it looking like they will be even more popular next year, I've put together a little guide for all those brides to be on finding the perfect one.

In the past few years Asian bridal makeup & fashion has been taken to a whole new level, so its not surprising that Shingar Patti's have come back with a bang.
Personally i can understand why, for me the right Shingar Patti can bring the whole bridal look together.

The Shingar Patti's range form light to heavy styles and come in various different designs & matching sets to go with.
The key to finding the right one is to make sure it suits your face shape, as with anything you really need to try on a few different styles.

Here is a selection of a few stunning pieces I've picked out, all available from Kyle's collection of London.
Find them here

This style is perfect for those brides who are going for a soft minimal look.
The size is just right if you have more larger features, as it will complement your face well.

This next one is a stunning piece its quite similar to the one my bride wore in my last post.
I would say this piece works well if you have a narrow face giving you more width and dimension.
Its also perfect if your going for the traditional look, adding just enough glamour.

So if you really want to stand out from the crowd on your big day, then this is the one for you.
Its a gorgeous piece that will give you an ultra glamorous look.
It can be worn with either an extravagant or minimal outfit. If you have a wider face then this one is perfect for you as it will elongate your face nicely.

Now its not only on the Asian bridal scene that headpieces are making their mark.
The gorgeous Kim Kardashian wore a beautiful diamond head piece on her wedding last year to Kris Humphries and sadly, although the wedding didn't last.................The headpiece trend did :)

There were a whole range of jewelled headpieces on Asos this summer, and are still available from various other retailers. Check out a few from this store LIBERTY IN LOVE who have a stunning collection of pieces.

So whether it be Hollywood or Bollywood, what are your thoughts on headpieces? Xx