Tuesday 18 December 2012

Stargazer: Glitter Shakers

Now as its the festive season, we have the perfect excuse to bring out the glitter!
You can't deny that at Christmas everyone needs a little sparkle, and the perfect way to do it is by incorporating some into your eye makeup.

Glittery looks are becoming so popular at the moment and with many of my clients requesting a sparkly look for a night out or special occasion, I thought i would show you what i use to create the perfect glitter eye.

To add some stunning sparkle to any look I use these Glitter shaker pots by Stargazer.
They come in a range of different colours, you can use them on your body, hair & nails.
Below are a few colours from my kit, as you can see the glitter is very fine so its perfect for makeup.
I order mine from the Stargazer website, they cost around £3 each and each pot contains 5g of product.
You can check the out the whole range here http://www.stargazer-products.com/
So what i do with these is start off by applying a base shadow matching the colour of the glitter I'm using. I apply it all over the lid and blend well up to the crease.
Once blended, I apply a thin coat of clear glitter eyeliner over the eyeshadow and the quickly taking a small flat brush pat the glitter over the top. Once dry i take a brush and dust of the excess glitter, then wipe the under-eye area to remove any fallout before i move on to the base.
You can also you lash glue to adhere the glitter with, and most people use that method.
I prefer to use a clear glitter eyeliner, for me its much more quicker and easier this way and it has the same results.

 (This one is also from Stargazer)

Here's a pic of me doing a look with the blue/Turquoise glitter shaker on a model backstage.
As you can see i have started on the eyes first, and i would always recommend doing so when using glitter. If you do your foundation first, your just going to end up with glitter all over your face and that's not the kind sparkle we want! ;)

You can see in the picture above the colour of the glitter is so pretty and how amazing it looks in the light.

So those are my thoughts on the Stargazer glitter shakers, what do you think of them? Xx


  1. Woww, the glitter is amazing! I've never tried their glitter shakers, but I'm really tempted to now! :)


    1. Yes you really should try them out, they are amazing :) Xx

  2. This is really nice!

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  3. Ooh I love glitters. The blue one looks so cool on the eyes. x

    1. Me too :) I love anything glittery, thanks for reading x

  4. I love them!! I want to try them. They look great! :)
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  8. I love glitter shakers, I haven't used them for years though!

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    1. Hi Kimberly, Aww that's great! Will have to check that out now, I'm seriously late! Xx

  9. I love glitter shakers i used them while in at makeup school. i need to order some they have amazing colours! x

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