Wednesday 14 November 2012

Urban Decay Vice Palette & Bridal Shoot.

Hi Beautifuls,

This season Urban Decay launched the Vice palette, and after watching countless reviews on Youtube I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
So on the 26th of September i rushed over to my local counter in Debhanams and picked it up as fast as i could. I know how it is with Ud palettes, if you don't snap it up it could be weeks before new stock arrives.

So personally i absolutely adore this palette, with 20 brand new shades i knew i had to have it.
The colour pay off is great, but if you use the Nyx jumbo pencil in white underneath then the colours really do pop. Likewise the primer potion also works great, although I prefer the jumbo pencil as in my opinion it really brings out the colour of the shadows.

For me this palette is an overall winner, and as it contains a range of mattes, shimmers, satins, neutrals and brights, there’s something for everyone :)
Also considering you get 20 shadows for £42 it is well worth the money.
Another bonus is that it comes with a double ended crease brush which is much better then receiving a tiny bottle of primer potion that usually has hardly any product in it.
Which is why I'm glad UD used their brains & skipped out on that, & actually gave us quite a decent brush with the palette.

In the UK Urban Decay is currently available to buy from Debhanams & House Of Fraser.
You can check it out here Debhanam's & here House Of Fraser 

I used this palette in the image below when i did an Asian Bridal themed shoot.
As you can the colours show true on & off camera.
For this look I used Blitz on the lid, Noise in the crease with a bit of Black Market blended in the outer corner & Echo beach to highlight.
The colours really complimented the outfit which was so stunning!!

Here's a full pic of the bridal outfit, from a behind the scenes shot i took.
The pic was taken from my Iphone so sorry if its not very clear :(
Although you can see how beautiful its was, fully embroidered from head to toe. 
Also very heavy too!!

This is my Palette, I like the packaging & layout of the shadows.
It has a great mirror too, & its very sturdy which means it will stay safe in my kit no matter how much i chuck it about :)
Excuse the state of mine its been used quite a bit already lol.

A closer look at the colours, I think my fave's are Junkie & provocateur at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the Vice Palette? Xxx


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  2. Thank you Janice :)

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  3. WOW she is just stunning, love the outfit and make up - beautiful! x

  4. Recently got the Naked palette! Eyeing on this one too!!

    Love it! !Followed u!
    The Misty Mom

  5. Thank you sharina visiting my blog :)

    I would recommend the vice palette to anyone you won't regret getting it!!
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  6. beautiful palette and a beautiful photo too!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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    1. Thanks for checking out my post Helen :)
      Will be checking out your giveaway too Xx

  7. The bridal outfit is lovely! I really want to try this palette - though I have way too many eyeshadows as it is. Urban Decay are my favourite eyeshadow brand though :)

    1. I know same here:) I love Urban Decay shadows & you can't go wrong with this palette. Xx

  8. Thank you Linde, Would love to follow you :)

  9. Wow, what a gorgeous palette! I trained as a make-up artist too and would love to work with these amazing colours, beautiful!

    Feel free to come and have a look at my blog. :)

    Lauren. xx

    1. Thank you :) will be over to your blog soon Xx

  10. Beautiful makeup, you're an artist!
    Love the outfit too, Nice color

    1. Thank you Naima :) Glad you liked the look Xx

  11. gorgeous look! I never use my urban decay palettes but I should more often

    1. You definitely should Alma, Urban Decay shadows are amazing :)